Hello lovetaker  !

After several months of hard work, today, I released Lovetaker, the first sticker in the world for singles!

I got this idea few years ago, when I created stickers for Nespresso coffee maker, http://www.fantastic-brown.com, and when people were talking about “I don’t know how to park” stickers on TV.  I wanted to set-up a new way for singles to meet, based on stickers, but at that time the available technology was not enough. Then, I discovered the QR code. I was really excited by all the possible applications, but this code was not well known, the smartphones were rare, and there was no QR code reader available for cell phones.

Now, with the explosion of the web on cell phones, this technology is available and people are becoming more familiar with QR code.  Thus I decided it was time to launch Lovetaker.com

I would be very happy to receive your feedback or comments. Don’t forget to send me your pictures to start our gallery.

If you need any help or if you encounter any problems with the website, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info [at] lovetaker.com

I wish you a lot of exciting dates!